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Who is Dr. Anisio Marinho Manta?

Dr. Anisio Manta and wife, Lilia Manta.

Dr Marino Anisio Manta is a renowned plastic surgeon and together with his wife Lilia Manta, lawyers and administrators, are owners of the Clinic for Plastic Surgery Perfekta in Balneario Camboriu / SC.

Dr. Anisio Manta is the author of publications in international journals (Journal of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery - Soc Rev. Bras. Cirurg. Plast.18 (3) :67-74, Sept.-Dec. 2003.Abdominoplastia modified vertical obese patients in the former.

Soc Rev. Bras. Surg. Plast. Exorrinoplastia primary treatment for the bulbous nasal tip) and international (U.S. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Plast Reconstr Surg. 2004 Dec; 114 (7) :1917-23 Optimizing body contour in massive weight loss Patients: the modified vertical abdominoplasty magazine with the largest reference World Plastic Surgery).

Dr. Anisio graduated in medicine from the Santa Casa de Misericordia de Vitoria in 1995 and since then has sought to constantly improve professional performing two Medical Residency is the first in General Surgery at the Federal University of Espirito Santo, lasting three years, Plastic Surgery and the second, also lasting three years, the Hospital de Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro.

He is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery and has taught classes for the Improvement of Medical Aesthetics in the area in various regions of the country: SC, RS, PR, SP, RJ, MA and PA.

Honorable Mentions:

* Winner of Giuseppe Garibaldi Trophy on 25 October 2008 in Porto Alegre-Prize awarded by the institute and Giuseppe Garibaldi, an honor intended to honor people who have made distinctive contributions to the development of the nation.

* Winner of the Top of Business International on July 10, 2009 in Sao Paulo-Prize awarded to distinguished international professionals who have excelled in their field.

Plastic Surgery Specialist Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery;

Specialist in Plastic Surgery at the Hospital de Ipanema - RJ;

Specialist in General Surgery at the Federal University of Espirito Santo;

Bioplasty the Brazilian Institute of Aesthetic Medicine Teaching and Vascular;

Professional Development Courses in the Department of Craniomaxillofacial Trauma Hospital-Orthopedics INTO MS-RJ;

Experience in the Burn Treatment Center of Andaraí - RJ;

Course Videoendoscopy Plastic Surgery, the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery;

Course of ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) American College of Surgeons;

Author of several issues in Congress of Plastic Surgery as:
- "Fat grafting;
- "Fat grafting as a therapeutic option in Romberg Syndrome";
- "Local Flaps in the Reconstruction of the Scalp";
- "Auricular Reconstruction";
- "Breast Reconstruction";
- "Composite Grafts lipoenxertia";
- "Onphaloplasty - as we do";
- "Ancillary Procedures and Facial Rhytidectomy"
- Among others.

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